Using Youtube to Make Money with Adfly.

busienss out of it by embedding ads into the videos.           make-money-with-adfly
One thing that you can do to build additional revenue is to use adfly along with
your youtube videos.
Here are some simple steps to make money on youtube using Adfly
Step 1. Sign up for a Youtube acount if you don’t have one yet.
Step 2. Look up the latest music news. You can do a simple google search
looking for new music or new songs or go to a site
like and look for the latest music news. Very often
not daily, a new song or mix tape is
released from some very famous artists. The more famous the artist the more
money you make from this method. Now, go through
and get as many new song names as possible. Now you should have a nice
of recently released hot music.
Step 3. Take your list of songs over to youtube and search to see if any of
have already been uploaded. You can duplicate
videos using keepvid. You can then add instructions using Movie Maker at the
beginning of the video and at the end of the
video to suggest to viewers to watch similar videos or find out more news
the artist and other goodies by following your
link at the bottom of the video.
Step 4. Find links to news and other videos about the artist that created the
music video and shorten them with adfly.
Step 5. Upload your video back up to Youtube with a description that talks
similar videos and news about the artist and
your adfly links below the video. Make sure the title of the video includes the
name of the artist and the name of the song.
Good titles make your video easier to find in the search engines.
Step 6. Promote your video. Start by finding a related video, perhaps another
music video from the same artist and post a
video comment with your video. You will also want to go to the music fosums
like Digital Spy and Buzz Jack and post the links
to your video. Once your video starts getting a consistent stream of views, it
start to gain popularity naturally

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