Using Craigslist Method to Make Money with Adfly.

make-money-with-adflyThis method is simple to execute. Because of it’s simplicity, most people don’t
even realize that it can be a very effective
way to advertise and get clicks to your adfly links. The method is to use
craigslist to spread your adfly links.
However, if you want to be successful with this method, you do need to do a
little footwork up front.
or you can find free PLR e-books online
that you can use as your free giveaway.
Step 2. Pick a location from craigslist where you want to advertise. Primarily
you want to choose locations where adfly clicks
pay out better. Here is a list of countries and their respective payouts:
Country CPM
United States $2.33 Canada $2.73 United Kingdom $1.96 Australia $1.41
Saint Lucia $3.00 American Samoa $2.50 Gibraltar $2.50 Virgin Islands, U.S.
$2.25 Andorra $2.00 Saint Vincent And The
Grenadines $1.64 Aruba $1.50 Myanmar $1.50 Sudan $1.50
So, just pick a location that pays the best.
Step 3. Go to your online classifieds and create your advertisement. Just
indicate that you are offering your free gift for a
limited time only. They can download their gift by following your link below.
Then give them your adfly link for the download.
This is a simple method, but surprisingly effective.
The second way to earn from online classifieds is a bit sneakier.
You can list something popular for a ridiculously low price. Indicate that it has
minor cosmetic damage. So, for instance, and iPad for $100 with minor
cosmetic damage. 100% working, etc…
Then put your adfly link with the message click here for a picture.
You can potentially get thousands of clicks on your adfly link.
The actual product when people inquire can be one of those offers to fill out a
survey for a chance to win… etc.. you can find tons of those kinds of offers
online through a simple search.

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