Super Human Results — in just 15 minutes a day!

I wanted to quickly share something with you…                      Capture
..that has helped EXPLODE my business.

For the last few months — I have been quietly trying something — that I can now reveal has had almost super human results.

Every morning – before I start working on my business
— I dedicate 60 solid uninterrupted minutes — toLEARNING.

I call it my “brainfluence’ time (named after the book of the same title)

And I have to say – the results – have been extraordinary.

All I do — is spend a good quality hour — LEARNING.

I do not have my computer on – I turn
the phone off – I have a coffee and no distractions.

And I either will read – or study something I want to learn.

The feeling at the end of the day – of going to
bed knowing that I know more than when I woke up —
is not only hugely empowering — but it’s also super addictive.

Bettering ourself — through continual learning – gives the ultimate natural high.

Frankly – in life – I believe that we
should be continually educating ourselves anyway.

I keep a journal – I literally call it
my ‘What Did I Learn Today’ journal.

So — my question to you is — what have you LEARNED today?

Do you dedicate SPECIFIC time — to continually educate yourself
– on something – anything?  If not – can you?  Starting tomorrow?

It could be something related to work – a new tactic –
it could simply be dedicating 15 minutes to reading a book
that you have been meaning to read for ages – it may be
spending some time on personal development…

…whatever it is — having dedicated time set aside every
day (even if it’s 15 minutes) – to continue to educate yourself —
is some of the best quality time you can spend.


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