building design of African Games 2015 in Congo by the IAD

We have a team engineering design independent architecture diplomacy or IAD establishment of this building is amazing designs in Brazzaville, Congo in the framework of the preparations for the Games, which includes 20 African sports and scheduled to be held in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 2015.الألعاب-الأفريقية-ثقف-نفسك-1

This includes the building a playground, swimming pool and gym, as well as to various village of gym and a restaurant serving delicious African cuisine and also has a hotel.الألعاب-الأفريقية-ثقف-نفسك-2

It has been a tradition and Culture, Arts and Heritage African also represent a major form of the building and design in the form of rectangular street plan gives it the form of African fabrics and textiles of character.الألعاب-الأفريقية-ثقف-نفسك-4

The main reason for this building this African designs is an attempt of the reunions between Congo host country and its neighbors from the rest of the African Statesالألعاب-الأفريقية-ثقف-نفسك-3

This design with a form of very nice, and innovation, but that the significance of the establishment of this figure deepens the meaning that the strengthening of the links and relations between various African States. “The rule of the Congo been content to write a series with the idea that sport can be spoiled by the policy therefore was keen to revive the spirit of belonging among African States to establish the meanings of African during architectural design, which highlights the amazing African force and enhance the interdependence between African والاتنماء those African States explore more on this building, which create distinctive African IAD architectural engineering team in its inception will offer you some pictures showing the shape of the building from the outside and inside.

It is indeed a very nice property,

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