Top 10 Easy Ways to healthy eyes

Too often we forget the importance of the health of the eye until a problem occurs remind us of. Therefore, we present to you today to educate yourself some advice easy for the sake of logical health to help avoid choroidal atrophy linked cataracts, mysterious vision, etc.Capturehhhh

  1. 1.eating vegetables= eat a lot of green vegetables such as spinach, cabbage and rapeseed green protects the eye of choroidal atrophy linked. “spot” is an area in the back of the eye, which allows us to see the exact details, when it is not working properly, the stain is interference in the vision
  2. 2.Vitamins =vitamins are necessary in general and specifically to the eye, these vitamins include: A, C, E and B2 and zinc, selenium, and minerals
  3. 3.Attention =Moisten Eyes Simple saline solution can help to soften and calm eyes. (Be sure to review your doctor if you suffer from the sting or burning in your eyes, or a sense of sand, or you do not produce tears when crying. These symptoms can refer to “Eye Dryness”, provided medical attention instructionsCapturedf
  4. Eat =apricots, berries, berries helps in reducing eye fatigue and beta-carotene rich apricot and lycopene, both of which are necessary to promote good vision
    1. Get a lot of fish oil Omega 3= it helps to clear eye sight and health. (snack food heart health in general tend to be good also eye. and circulatory health very important Eye).
      1. Pamper your eyes =try to put two slices of cucumber on the eyes Amoamadtin for 15 minutes. It cools and refreshes the eyes and the Btaheditha.
      2. Drinking tea =believed that drinking tea may help in the prevention of eye water
      3. Treatment is considered as berries herbal treatment, which could help to improve night vision.
      4. wear sunglasses,= eye protection from ultraviolet rays. Where can the harmful ultraviolet UVA rays that contribute to the onset of eye cataracts
        1. Give your eyes a break= if you are working on a computer, remember al Qaeda 20/20/20. It is taking a rest every 20 minutes, 20 seconds, and to consider something on After 20 meters or beyond. This allows your eyes to re-focus and relaxation, and prevents the foggy vision that can occur through staring at the computer screen for a very long time.

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