The strangest blocks around the world

The world around us contains some of the strangest buildings invented by the minds of the architects of others ;The design and architecture has contributed to many of the structures and buildings giant to challenge the wonders of nature. and gave birth to modern architecture of many buildings world amazing innovative patterns, designs and ambitious new raw materials. Such as skyscrapers and giant structures, which have become widespread in all parts of the world.

#-National Center for Performing Arts _ China _ : Capturekjg

described like giant ege in Beijing. The words of the Dome of the lunette of titanium and glass, surrounded by a lake and containing 5452 industrial seat in 3 meeting rooms and an area of approximately 12,000 square meters. Designed by French engineer Powell Andrew and took built six years ago. Construction began in December 2001 opening ceremony was held in december 2007.

#cube houses. (Rotterdam _NetherlandsCaptureli


A group of houses built in the innovative adding to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Designed by the architect _ Beit Bloom _ _ based on the concept of a solution to the problem of population density cubes  take different angles on the forms of hex as trees. The words of 38 cubic meters is small and all of them are connected to each other.


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