What is reasonable and what is unreasonable

The Council of the city of Cupertino gave Apple final statement to build space ship name known as new building of the company. and start the company in a lot of construction 2014 is expected with great developments in electronics to become mobile processors in Apple more speed development must take place in a copy the IOS and the operating system on mac need to some updates there are those who believe that the presence of Executive Directors of companies in fashion Apple plans for more than a smart company is working with to help them to improve their situations with customers it is expected that it will benefit Apple more in how to use the customer data in an idealالتوقعات-لأبل-لعام-2014،-ثقف-نفسك-8Apple Set To Work: After a lot of analysis and statistics experts conclude that the Apple in 2014 will focus on work and productivity market and adventure. says one of the managers of sections of Apple sales and laptop normal fell by 100 million units since 2010, greatly increased sales tablet computers. This is believed to be the Director that the ideas that will be used by Apple in this adventure unable application they want to make the ipad more secure through a group of separate applications and that there are some applications that can allow the customer to make special applications with somewhat similar to that androideالتوقعات-لأبل-لعام-2014،-ثقف-نفسك-9

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